walmart hp pavilion gaming laptop

So, I’m in the middle of a project that’s taking longer than I want. However, I was at walmart yesterday and I found myself buying a laptop. The laptop is a hp pavilion gaming laptop. It’s got a 8GB ram and a 1.6ghz i5 processor. It’s a pretty fast computer. Well, it is now.

Walmart was having a sale on refurbished computers and the one I bought was refurbished. Its now like new. It’s a good deal since I was able to get it for only $200. It also happened to be the cheapest laptop I could find in the whole store. It comes with a nice leather case with a bunch of nice stickers. It looks great, too.

That’s a pretty sweet deal. The refurbished laptop is much cheaper than the new one, but still pretty great. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t give you a lot of storage.

This laptop is the same one as the one we had in our review, but the prices are a little more on this one. It comes with a 1TB hard drive and 3GB of RAM, so the price difference doesn’t seem so huge. It’s only $279.99.

The refurbished laptop isn’t cheap, but it is still a pretty decent laptop for $279.99. Thats pretty affordable compared to the new one.

Its not just the price that makes this laptop so good, its also the fact that its pretty cheap. The refurbished one is a little cheaper and still features the exact same specs we had in our review, but its just a tad more expensive in some areas. Overall it is quite affordable for what you get, and it has good specs for the price.

This laptop is a decent laptop and well worth it and for the price you can get it. This does have some issues though, the keyboard isnt completely the same, the battery life isnt quite as good as the other laptop, and some of the apps its running arent supported by the new one. Overall its a good laptop that you can use for some gaming and some casual stuff.

I wouldn’t buy this laptop for gaming, I would probably use it for just normal use. And even for casual stuff, if you want to use it for that, it has a decent keyboard. If you just want a laptop that you can use for whatever you want, it has a decent keyboard and battery life. If you want to use it for gaming, its better but not perfect, but its good enough for most of you.

The Walmart Pavilion gaming laptop is a good laptop for its price range. If you want a gaming laptop, you should be looking over the Dell XPS 13. If you want a laptop for casual stuff, it is a good laptop for that too. It’s just a little bit better at some things.

The biggest problem with the Dell XPS 13 is that its still a fairly new machine. It can’t compete with the more expensive gaming laptops. But it is a good laptop for the price range.

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