The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About senator william proxmire

The senator of Arizona, william proxmire, was an early advocate for same-sex marriage. Now a United States senator, in 2004, he voted against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This is more than a vote, it’s a statement. In one of the harshest and most honest speeches on his record, he said, “I just don’t believe that we should change the definition of marriage from man and wife to include people of the same sex.

While in office, william proxmire also voted against same-sex adoption. While he was a U.S. senator, he also voted against the DREAM Act, which would have extended benefits to illegal aliens brought to the United States as children. Since the bill was blocked in the House, william was one of the few legislators, even members of his own party, to vote against it.

It’s pretty clear that Senator william proxmire has changed his mind on the DREAM Act. He also voted against the proposed Equal Rights Amendment which would have prohibited states from discriminating against anyone based on sex, race, or gender.

Proxmire is one of the few legislators who has been willing to speak out on gay rights. Most people are quite aware of his vote on the DREAM Act, since this was what forced him to go on the record and say he could no longer support the bill. He was also one of the few legislators to vote against the proposed Equal Rights Amendment.

Since the early 1990s when Proxmire was a Democratic state senator, he’s made a habit of speaking out on gay rights issues. He’s been a strong supporter of gay marriage and the “Equal Rights Amendment,” which he called the “most important piece of legislation since the Magna Carta.” The Equal Rights Amendment, which would have been passed in the U.S.

Proxmire was a staunch supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment, which he called the most important piece of legislation since the Magna Carta. Proxmire was one of those legislators who opposed the ERA because it would have been too divisive.

Senator Proxmire is a Democrat from Nebraska, who was the first senator to sign on to an anti-ERA Amendment, when it was proposed by Republican George W. Bush. The amendment was defeated by a large margin in a vote on November 5, 2010.

Senator Proxmire is an avid reader of his state’s history, which includes a history of the fight for women’s rights and civil rights. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, playing drums in his band, and enjoying his wife’s cooking.

Proxmire is a good example of someone who has a good understanding of the world we live in, yet is willing to change course when necessary. He’s also an active campaigner for women’s rights, who has been arrested and jailed multiple times for speaking out on issues like abortion and equal pay.

Proxmire has managed to do what many politicians can’t. He is a politician with a very high level of awareness and a very good understanding of the problems women face in our world today. In fact, Proxmire is one of the greatest politicians that the world has ever seen. In just his first term, he managed to secure a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, and he has made other significant strides in his stance towards women’s rights.

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