10 Facts About pyr/o medical term That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

Pyr is Latin for “little owl.” The Latin word for owl is pyr, so it makes sense that pyr would be the name of the animal that I would be called by my dad.

I’m sure he didn’t even know what the word meant, so I’m going to go with how he’s named. So I think pyr is the name of the animal that I would be called by my dad. I am the little owl.

You might be familiar with the pyr/o medical term. It means that you are suffering from an ailment that would have been diagnosed as a pyr/o. Pyr/o disease is a condition caused by an immune system (or organs, or cells) that is attacking the body. Pyr/o disease is often caused by a virus or bacteria that is slowly destroying the body. Pyr/o disease is also caused by bacteria that is not eradicated by antibiotics and other medicines.

Pyro disease, while very serious, is not lethal. It requires an infected person to be hospitalized for a few days and then the person will recover. It is very painful but it is usually not fatal.

People with pyro disease often develop a skin rash, sometimes with redness and swelling. The typical symptoms include red raised areas on the skin around the mouth, nose, and throat. It is possible to have the skin rash while being treated with antibiotics.

This is not a cure but it does stop any infection. It is possible to have pyro disease without getting infected. However, if you are infected, you must be treated with antibiotics.

The name comes from the Greek word for fire, or ‘fire’ (or perhaps the Greek for ‘pyr’). The word’s roots are found in the Greek words that translate as ‘to strike, to kill’. Pyro disease is sometimes called ‘the fever of the soul’, a word that was coined by the 17th-century German physician and philosopher Sir Thomas Browne.

This is a disease of the nerves, caused by an acute or chronic inflammation of the brain. This is why it can cause hallucinations, and in extreme cases, death. The symptoms are a loss of memory, confusion, and a persistent feeling of being out of it.

Pyromaniac, also known as pyromania. A person who is obsessed with pyromania, or the obsession with fire, and thus commits or suffers from arson. This is most common in societies where high-temperature fires are common. Pyromaniacs also often have a deep-seated need for fire. It is believed that pyromaniacs’ intense need for fire was a factor in the creation of the pyramids.

Pyromaniacs are also known as pyromaniacs. The term was coined by the French writer Eugène Sue. It is a term used to describe the behavior of individuals who have a strong, obsessive, and in-your-face need for fire.

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