nss medical abbreviation

“NSS” stands for non-specific symptoms, usually due to an infection or allergy.

According to an article on the nss.org website, the most common NSS is a sinus infection, but a common allergy is rhinitis.

So there you have it. I am about to give you some medical abbreviations that will help you keep track of what is happening and what you need to do to stay alive.

Nasal sinus infection (NSI) is a condition where your nasal passages become inflamed. Rhinitis is a common allergy that causes itchy redness around the nose. That leads to an inflammation of the sinuses and often causes an infection. So with sinus infection or allergy, your nose is inflamed, your nose is running and you feel like someone is choking you. And you need to get medical attention.

All of these medical abbreviations are important to understand. NSI is a nasal condition, rhinitis is a common allergy that can cause a sinus infection and even an allergic reaction, and allergy can also affect your nose. And as for what to do when you get medical attention, there are some signs and symptoms of different types of infections and allergies. They’re the same, but the first thing is to know these things are all different.

To make sure you know which medical abbreviations to look for, we use the nss medical abbreviation website. Its purpose is to provide a list of all commonly used medical abbreviations and their meanings.

We’re not talking about medical abbreviations, which are mostly for those who are less familiar with the ins and outs of the medical field. We’re rather talking about medical slang. These are words for things that are often not very well known or understood by the average person, such as cancer and AIDS.

It’s great that you know which words to look for. You’re probably right, but I do think it’s interesting that the website provides the list of common medical slang words, not the list of the medical abbreviations that the health professionals know by heart. I think that if you search for “cancer” or “AIDS” you’ll get a good idea of what a cancer patient’s life, or a person with AIDS, looks like.

I think its just an interesting little website that provides a list of the commonly used medical abbreviations. Its not that useful for the average person, but I think its good to have on file and in the internet for when you run into someone who isn’t aware of the common medical abbreviations.

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