nature’s heritage

I started my blog because I wanted to be part of the conversation about how different cultures have managed to carve out their very own unique heritage. I also wanted to help people understand that our own heritage is equally as important—if not more so—than any of the many others we call home.

In the past, the world was divided into two groups: the human race and the other species. The human race were the hunter-gatherers who lived in caves and had long since vanished from the face of the Earth, leaving behind everything but the most basic forms of technology and a single language. The other species were the farmers, who lived in towns and had long since been wiped out by the disease and the constant war that came with it.

But one of the things that makes the world of Arkane world different from the world of the other species is that Arkanians do not hunt animals. Instead, they have been raised to care for the natural world. And in the past, the world was divided as much as anyone could see. The human race had an exclusive interest in certain animals and the other species had no interest in those animals.

The world of Arkane is also divided into multiple factions, all of which see the world of Arkane in a different light. For example, the Arkanians are the original species who found the Ark and then created this world. They are the ones that created the Ark. The other groups are the different races who fought over control of the Ark. They are the ones who created the disease called Sarsaar. And the war is still ongoing.

The three other factions are the “Prophecies”, the “Ancient”, and the “Children of the Prophecies”. The “Prophecies” are the original life-forms that the Arkanians discovered in the Ark. The “Ancient” comes from the Arkanians that were the first life-forms to use the Ark.

And the Children of the Prophecies are the ones who were created when the Arkans were the only life-form on the Ark and found themselves without a home. The Children are the ones who are the descendants of the original life-forms that used the Ark and the Prophecies were the first ones to take the Ark away from them.

At first it seemed as if this was all just a theory, but it was one that has come true. The Arkans have been replaced by the children of the Ancient and the Children have been replaced by the Ancient’s descendants. All the life-forms in the universe have died and will be revived. Not only that, but they have been replaced by their ancestors and their descendants as well. It’s like they’re all the same people.

You have to be kidding me. I’m sitting here watching the first scene in the trailer for Arkane’s new game, Arkanoid, and I’m not even sure I believe it. The game is set in a future world where the Arkans are living happily, but when the Ancients return they will be destroyed in a giant bomb. Apparently the Arkans are the first to take the Ark away from them, because the Arkans who have been taken are living their lives in perfect bliss.

I’m not lying to you. The Arkans are the first to be taken away from them. That is a serious problem, and they must be stopped. What’s sad is that the Arkans who live on the Ark are the ones that are really important to us. In fact, the Arkans whose memories are still on the island are the ones that are actually important to us.

The Arkans are the first creatures to be taken away from them. And it seems the only people who don’t care is the people living in the Arkans who are still on the island. The Arkans who are supposed to be here are the ones really important to us. So, yeah, I think the Arkans are really sad too. And that is the part that I love.

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