is 60hz refresh rate good for gaming

60hz refresh rate is a reference frame rate that is used to measure the frequency of an audio signal. A 60 Hz refresh rate is defined as the rate at which the audio signal is sampled at a rate of 60 Hz. These values are used to give the audio playback system the best possible playback quality.

If you are like the vast majority of gamers, you’re probably using your computer’s refresh rate to play all of the games you play. In an effort to improve the quality of video game audio, many companies have decided to increase the refresh rate of their devices. Some of this increases can be justified because you’re downloading more and more content. But the 60hz refresh rate is the most common and is the one that the vast majority of gamers are using.

At the same time, the refresh rate is the most common refresh rate used by your internet connection. A higher refresh rate means that the device is being used to play a game more often. It also means that youre downloading more video, so it can be a lot slower. A 60hz refresh rate means that your computer is being used to play a game more often and so your internet connection is being used to play a game more often.

If you want to play at 60hz, you’ll have to set up your system to use a higher refresh rate. I use a 60hz connection for my laptop and a 48hz connection for my desktop. The 60hz refresh rate is often referred to as a “high refresh rate” because it lets you play your games at 60hz. If you have a 60hz connection, you’ll probably be playing most of your games at 60hz.

60hz video is an amazing way to enjoy gaming. It’s especially good for playing games at 60hz, but it can also be good for anything else too, like watching TV. I often just use my PC to stream videos for Youtube, and I can even stream games at 60hz for free.

The high refresh rate can be good for gaming, but the high refresh rate can also be bad for anything else you want to watch. For example, watching a movie at 70hz is good for movies, but it’s a bit of a waste.

The 60hz refresh rate (or frame rate, or video frequency) is usually the highest refresh rate attainable, and it is also the highest frequency usable by the computer’s video card. This means that the computer can display a 60hz video frame at a lower resolution (resolution is the amount of pixels per inch), but that the video is still being displayed at 60hz.

This is not a bad thing, but the fact is that 60hz is the highest quality refresh rate you can use for a typical computer video card. This is the reason why most people have a 60hz monitor on their desk, so they can play games the old-fashioned way. But to actually play a 60hz game on a computer, it will be going at a higher refresh rate, like 60 or 70hz.

The 60hz refresh rate is just the refresh rate that your monitor is showing. If you want to play a 60hz game on a PC, you can set your monitor to that refresh rate. But you will not be able to play the game at 60hz.

But if you actually want to play a 60hz game on a PC, the solution is simple. Turn on the DVI (digital video) port in your PC. This way, you can play a 60hz game on your computer and it will display 60hz images.

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