in your puppy therapy experiment what is the experimental unit

The experimental unit is the very first time your dog is in a different crate. It’s the first time you see him and he can either be on a leash or in a crate. It’s the first time you see him interact with other dogs or people and you are in the same room. It’s the first time you interact with the leash on your dog’s collar.

He may be less anxious and more relaxed with the new environment, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still a dog who wants to know what is going on. The experimental unit is also a place where a puppy can learn to feel safe. It’s really important to develop the bond you have with your dog and to develop his trust in you.

The experiment is a good place to start, because you need to understand what your dog is feeling, what your dog is thinking, and what your dog is capable of communicating. The leash is one of the most important tools that a dog uses to communicate with you and the experiment is the first place you will see that. Most people have found that a lot of their dog’s behavior is a direct result of their behavior when they are alone with their dog.

The leash is a very important tool for a lot of dogs, but it is especially important for puppies. When a dog is being allowed to explore the outdoors and is being held by his or her owner, the leash is used to help communicate with the owner. If a child is allowed to hold a puppy, the leash is used to help communicate with the owner over the dog’s head.

Dogs have a lot of learning to do even when they are not allowed to explore the outdoors. This is also true for puppies. They have to be taught about basic human interaction, and the leash is a very important tool for that. Some pet owners prefer to have their dog sit on their lap and play with toys until they are ready to sit for the first time. Or they like to take their dog to the dog park and let them explore all the different dog-friendly activities.

Dogs love to explore, but they also like to explore the world around them. This can be confusing to parents who want their puppies to be more social. In my own experiment, I let my first dog sit on my lap and explore the house. He would explore the kitchen cabinets, our bed, and the back yard. The problem was that I didn’t want any of my dogs to go into our bedroom.

I actually had a similar problem with my lab puppy. When he got the chance to play in the kitchen, he would explore the kitchen cabinets and the living room. When I was out on the deck, he would come to the edge of the deck and explore the yard. The problem was when he got the chance to explore the yard, he would explore the house that was in the yard. So I had to keep him out of our bedroom.

I think we all have that one dog who just can’t keep their paws off our bed or our yard. Its almost a shame that we have to be so cruel to our dogs, but that’s life.

We’ve all had that one dog that would rather be in the yard than in our home. If only they could see how much of a pain this would be.

The good news is that we can now put him in our bedroom so we get to see him walk through our house. We can now put him in our bathroom so we can see him piss in our shower. We can now put him in our kitchen so we can see him run around inside of our kitchen and even eat his dinner on our counter. We can now put him in our laundry room so we can see him pull his pants on.

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