Why People Love to Hate idm medical abbreviation

So many medical abbreviations have been so common that they sound like a crime. They are so common that they have become so common that they have become shorthand for everything.

Like the medical abbreviations for the various diseases in the DSM-5.

It’s like the way “liver” is shorthand for “liver fluke.” They’re so common that when you type “liver” into a search engine, you come up with a million results. And you type “liver fluke” in the same search and you come up with just one.

So just because a medical abbreviation has come to be so common it also means you have it. It means that you have something that has a name. It means that you have a disease or condition. It means that you have a name. It means that you have a disease. So if you have a disease or condition, chances are you have an acronym for it.

Okay, so that is a pretty common medical abbreviation. The problem is that it’s common but often misused. So if you see a person typing in the term “liver fluke” on the street, you’d be surprised to learn they actually mean “liver fluke disease”. This is because liver fluke disease is so common that it’s often abbreviated to FLUKE.

FLUKE means liver fluke disease. It’s a disease that affects the liver. This isn’t the only disease that’s abbreviated to FLUKE. It’s just one of the commonest. There’s FLUKEs, FLUKE-like diseases, etc. etc. etc. etc.

FLUKE is just another name for the more common FLUKE. The FLUKE abbreviation has been popular for a while because of how common it is, and because it’s a way to say what’s a FLUKE disease. If you see the FLUKE abbreviation on a street sign or on a billboard it could be because it’s used as an abbreviation.

FLUKE disease, which is a common name for a disease, is actually a medical abbreviation. What is a medical abbreviation, is the abbreviation of a word that is used in medicine. There are a lot of different medical abbreviations, but the two most common ones are FLUKE and FLUKE-like diseases.

FLUKE disease is the medical abbreviation for a condition called Fluke, which happens to resemble a fish with a fluke. The disease is primarily caused by eating too many fish of some kind (as well as eating other fish), which causes the fish’s spines to grow, which causes the fish to expel its food as it’s dying, and then the fish’s death is covered up by the fish’s spines on the outside.

A lot of people take FLUKE disease for granted, but we don’t. We all know that fish has spines, or that fish eggs have spines, but they’re not exactly a common thing, and it’s not exactly known why they happen. We also know that the disease is spread by eating any kind of fish, but that’s just because we all eat fish (or fish eggs) as well. Fish is a common and healthy food that we all enjoy.

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