Sage Advice About i am extremely terrified of chinese From a Five-Year-Old

We are all afraid of the unknown and we all love the unknown. This doesn’t mean we are bad people. It just means we are human. The Chinese love the unknown and so do we.

Well the fact is chinese is a very strange language. It has a very different structure than English and a lot of words are very similar and difficult to define. People often confuse chinese for japanese, which is a very similar language but very different. I mean think about it.

Chinese has been used as the official language of China since 1949. It has been taught to students in schools for almost 70 years now. The Chinese have been using this language since the beginning of time. The only difference is that the Chinese use “Chinese” to refer to everything, and the Japanese use “Japanese,” which is a pretty universal term to refer to everything.

The thing is that in a couple of different places in China, the Japanese are still using their own language as the official language. One of those places is Taiwan, where the Japanese are still using Japanese, but the Taiwan government has officially forbidden it. A few years back, I was told by a Japanese friend that the Japanese government were encouraging the Taiwanese government to make it illegal to use chinese as a language in schools.

Of course it is illegal in Taiwan, but how can you tell the difference? The chinese I hear from the people I know, is very strongly associated with the Japanese language. Most of the people in my circle speak chinese, but they all use the Japanese language. The same is true in Japan. The Japanese government has banned the use of chinese in schools because there is some sort of cultural association between the two.

How is it that a culture that has banned the use of chinese in schools can produce so many people who speak the language? It’s a question that a lot of people ask when someone asks, “Do you speak chinese?” The answer is No. The reason the chinese have banned the use of chinese in schools is because chinese doesn’t belong to any of the major languages spoken in the world.

This is because chinese is a language belonging to the minority of the world. And the major languages spoken in the world are English, French, Italian, and Spanish. But chinese is not a language; it’s an expression. And a language is a set of behaviors, not a set of symbols.

The chinese ban on chinese in schools is a move to curb the use of that language in schools. This is because chinese has a lot of power in China. It has become the language of most of the country. And chinese also has a lot of power in the internet. It is the language of many websites, and for good reason. But its not the only language in the world.

We’ve written before about the idea of “the language of the internet.” And of course, the internet is not actually a single language, but a collection of thousands of separate languages. And every language has its own specific usage and meaning. The internet is no different. Some languages are used more frequently than others, some are used more frequently than others. And because there are so many languages in the internet, there are many different ways to communicate.

So how can we make sure that each language is used in the right way? Why, just by making sure that the languages get used according to their own particular usage and meaning. We’ve tried to use the languages as a kind of encyclopedia, but it turns out that it’s a very, very inaccurate encyclopedia. And that’s why we’re terrified.

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