crime against nature nc

This week’s “crime against nature” is the destruction of the wildlife habitats that the city of Asheville, North Carolina is destroying. While it’s certainly not the first time that we’ve had to deal with a city’s attempt to take down wildlife, this is becoming a yearly occurrence.

The entire country is being plagued by a lack of wildlife. The North Carolina Fish and Wildlife Department has reported that in the past two years, more than 600 species are declining at a rate of 2.5 percent per year. This is one of the reasons that we are seeing a drastic decrease in the number of animals that we see in the wild.

The reason for the decline is the same as the one we’re all blaming on the rising cost of food. We are paying more and more for our pets for their food so the animals can eat more. But in general, we are also paying for our health care so we can live longer. In the UK, for example, people are being forced to pay over 20 percent more for their healthcare and utilities. We are paying so much for our food that animals are simply not as lucky.

A study by the World Wildlife Fund found that the UK’s declining wildlife numbers are directly related to the cost of food. The UK’s wild salmon population and the amount of land they require to reproduce are both declining at a rate of over 50 percent every year. The decline in wild salmon numbers is not only costing the environment and wildlife, but also being the leading cause of habitat destruction. And that’s just the number of fish.

And while we can’t agree with the WWF and all the other wildlife charities on the state of the environment, we can agree that we live in an age where there is an unprecedented level of economic importance placed on the continued perpetuation of what we’ve decided are the “good” species. We’re currently witnessing the extinction of species that are deemed “endangered.

I don’t think we’ve reached the level of the last few decades that we are seeing the extinction of species and the loss of habitat. The fact is that nature is in a really bad place and we’re going to have to address this as a society and start taking a more active role in protecting what we have and start making the world a better place for all living things.

The current threats to our planet might be more of the same. We are all so used to the idea of nature being the enemy. We are all so used to the idea that there is something inherently evil about nature that we have to fight to protect it and protect ourselves. But now is the time to stop fighting and start protecting. Our goal is to become a society of nature.

Our society is built on a foundation of things that are naturally occurring. We are constantly taught to take care of nature and to clean the earth. We are taught to protect our natural resources, but we are taught to not protect them if we can’t do it ourselves. That might seem like a good idea to most people, but it certainly isn’t when you are a species like the one that exists on this planet. The fact is that nature is no longer the enemy.

So, we’ve been told to protect nature, yet it’s a natural thing that is being destroyed. We are being told to take care of nature, yet it’s a natural thing that is being destroyed by the actions of people like us. In other words, we’re being told to protect the natural environment, yet the population of a given area has increased greatly. We’re being told to protect our natural resources, yet the resources are being destroyed.

Nature is our natural home and it should be protected. But what is being destroyed is that natural environment. People are destroying the natural environment, yet we are the ones who are destroying the natural environment. If we are not taking care of the natural environment, then what we are doing is destroying our natural home.

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