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Chuck Lofton’s medical podcast is a must listen for all medical professionals. The show goes into great depth on the history, science, and latest techniques in managing and caring for your patients.

The first episode of the medical podcast is about to be out, but Chuck Loftons has shared a few quick notes for each of his guests about the podcast’s new mission: To become the world’s number one health care podcast. It’s a new concept for an old podcast, but the team behind it are very excited. The show will be hosted by Dr. David C. Heil, and the first season will be an eight episode series.

Chuck Lofton is a cardiologist, and the medical podcast has been a good source for information about his patients. That said, his co-hosts, Dr. David C. Heil and Dr. Eric P. Hines, are both doctors and the medical podcast has given them a way to connect with patients, medical experts, and other health care professionals who share a common interest in the latest and greatest in the field.

Heil and Hines also have a website, I know that sounds like the same site, but it’s not. Heil and Hines are the two doctors who are the anchors for the first season.

If you’re interested in finding out about some of chuck lofton’s medical patients, you can listen right here. Or, you can follow him on Twitter @matthewsloft.

You can also watch the first season of his podcast at, which is a bit easier to get on the web.

I think the podcast is a little over-the-top, but it is entertaining. If you want to learn more about the medical aspects of the show, you can check out his blog.

The podcast is a great way to check out chuck lofton’s medical patients and get an idea of some of the interesting cases he has to deal with. It also gives people a quick rundown on how to get in touch with chuck lofton themselves. That part is a little tricky, but I think it is worth it.

As a podcaster, chuck is always interested in the latest medical developments. This is because his medical patients are often in the middle of some major life-or-death situation that he has to help them out of. In some cases they are literally about to die, so he has to save them. As a result, he enjoys the challenge of handling that situation as well as the experience.

Chuck is a podcaster and one of the founders of The Humanitas podcast. In the past he has spent most of his time working in the medical field, but he now works for a startup called the Humanitas Research Foundation. He has made a lot of different discoveries over his career. Some of them are quite cool, but they are also quite dangerous. The most recent one is a study that shows that your brain changes when you are under stress.

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