a skeptical attitude in science

There’s a lot of confusion in the scientific community over the “self-awareness” hypothesis.

It seems like a lot of people just don’t want to accept that the universe is a conscious entity, and they don’t like to admit that we are just a bunch of apes.

We all remember the movie The Matrix (1999) where Neo gets shot at point blank range three times by an invisible entity. The guy in the movie, the guy who got shot, and the guy who survived, are all completely self-aware. It is the same with science, which is why its so hard to accept the idea that the universe doesn’t have a consciousness. We are just mindless, blind, and insensitive apes.

Thats not to say that science is all bad. It can be very insightful. But the more you get into science, the more you realize that it is only the most basic, fundamental level of reality. From the perspective of science, all that is visible to our eyes appears to be just matter, yet in reality it is more like the water in a glass of water. It is more like water than matter.

The reality is that we can only see the surface of the reality. It is only the reality which is visible to our eyes. If we could see into the deeper reality of matter, then we could realize that it is more like an ocean. The deepest ocean is an ocean of matter, but it is still a lake of water. The water is still there but it has a different relationship with the land. The land is still there but it is not there.

The deeper reality of matter is at the surface. We can only see its surface and cannot see into the depths. The deeper reality of matter is at the surface and its surface is our reality. But we cannot see into the depths.

So we can only imagine what is the deeper reality. It might be like a lake but we don’t know if it is a lake or a sea, or a depth with no surface.

This belief is called theism, and in a lot of ways it is the antithesis of atheism. But that is only because we have no other ideas to go off of. We have to decide for ourselves what is true, and theism is a good starting point.

Theism is a philosophy that contends that there is a supreme being (God) with all of the ultimate powers and knowledge. Theism claims to be the most “scientific” of all religious philosophies because it claims that the universe is in a constant state of flux, which we can only observe. Theists say that if God does exist, his existence is a mystery.

Atheism is the belief in a supreme being who does not have knowledge of the universe, and is therefore unknowable. Theism is the belief in a supreme being who has knowledge of the universe.

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